LED Strip Lights

No matter what type of LED strip lights you need, a common goal is to get a high-quality product. We offer a variety of LED strip lights, including led strip lights for bedrooms, led strip lights outdoors, tv led backlights, led strip lights waterproof, etc. one of these led lights types may be what you need to light up your home.

There are various options on the market for LED strip lights, but there is no clear-cut standard on how to choose LED strip lights. Here are some tips you need to consider when buying LED strip lights.


The brightness of LED lights is measured in lumens and is dictated by the density of the LED strip lights within one meter. The led lights between 1400 lumens and 1800 lumens are extremely bright. Check the number of LEDs per led strip. The more LEDs there is, the more light you’ll get, and the more accurate that color will be.

Color and Color Temperature

The color of the led light is critical to keep in mind. Some led strip lights come in only one color, while others can have color selections that range from 16 million. Choose which type, dependent on your personal preference.

If you plan to install led strip lights to create a party atmosphere, you may likely the led lights that can show multiple color effects. If you need the truer white along with multiple colors, buy the RGBW strip lights.

The color temperature is measured in Kelvin (K) and describes how warm or cool the led light’s color appears, and higher numbers indicate cooler color temperatures. Generally, the average incandescent led light bulb is a warm temperature of 2,700K, while natural daylight averages 6,500K.

Different tones of white light help create the mood in a room. Daylight white is perfect for office use, while the warm white is perfect for the bedroom, which can help create a calming atmosphere.

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