2/3/4/5 Pin LED Solderless Connectors 10mm


The 3 pin 10mm led strip connectors are very suitable for DIY LED strips so that the LED strip joints are clean and beautiful. These 2 pin led connectors are perfect for RGB led strip lights.

  • The interface size of 3 pin LED connectors is 10 mm/ 0.39 inch, and you can connect them with a ws2811 ws2812 2835 3014 3528 5050 light strip;
  • The led strip corner connector 3 pin is indispensable for connecting led strips. If you want to decorate the room with beautiful lights without looking messy, then you will need our led solderless connectors.
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The 3 pin led connector is made of quality plastic and copper material, sturdy and durable, flame-retardant, and heat-resistant. Its thickness makes it not easy to damage, and you can use it safely.

How do you install a solderless connector?
1. First of all, you need to open the wire clip, then install the ribbon light into the connector and close the wire clip;
2. No other tools are needed, and the operation is easy and fast;
3. When installing, you should make sure the side of the ribbon light is in accordance with the site of the “+” sign in the connector;

The led solderless connectors are easy to install. Before installation, turn off the power to ensure the safety of operation; These LED lights connectors are suitable for 0 – 4 A current and 0 – 24 voltage, fit for LED strip SMD 5050 RGB/ RGBW in 72 W maximum power;

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