Solderless 4 Pin LED Strip Connector 90 Degree Corner L Shape LED Connector

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These led strip connector 4 pin fit for 5050 2835 3528 LED strip light. You can attach them with your light strips directly without any tools or welding operations. The wireless design ensures a gapless layout when you need to turn your LED strips around corners.

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Solderless 4 Pin LED Strip Connector

The led strip connector 4 pin is perfect for connecting the LED power supply with Strips!

The 4 pin RGB connector is portable, durable, easy to carry, and lightweight. With this item, you don’t need to solder! Easy cheap, and fine!


Color: white
Width: 10mm
Shape: L Shape
Pin quantity: 4 pins
Technology:injection molding


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    • 1 year ago

    Compatible with other lights

    These worked really well once I figured out how to open the clip and insert the light string. I found it easiest to open the clips with a small tip flat head screwdriver. Once open, there is a small groove that you have to slide the light strip into. This will make sure the copper connectors on the light strip slide under the silver prongs on the connector. After the light strip is inserted, close the cover until it ‘snaps’ closed. I used these to ‘wrap’ two light strings around an 80″ TV. The right-angle corner connectors were great for turning the corners at the edge of the TV.

    • 1 year ago

    Good connectors for 90 degree turns

    I ended up purchasing a spool of adhesive lights from a local liquidation store and found out later that they did not come with dividers or sections, corner connectors, etc. so I started searching and found these. I was a little skeptical about if they would work when they finally arrived because I noticed that the BGR+ color coordinators were different than the ones printed on the light strips that I am using. I was very close to sending them back when I decided to give it a shot and to my surprise they worked just fine. They were definitely easy to install and reusable given there is no adhesive on the back.

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