LED Lights for TV, Bluetooth USB LED Strip Light for TV Backlight

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USB powered tv LED backlight can reduce eye strain and bring you a vivid and immersive TV viewing experience. The TV led backlights are long enough to light up every side of your TV. These led light strips are easy to install behind your TV.

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  • TV led backlight with a high-sensitive mic, the strip light syncs to music and sound. Bring you an extremely dynamic and immersive TV watching/gaming experience.
  • Colorful lights change colors and flash speed with rhythm and melody, so it’s ideal for parties, romantic home theater, Halloween, and Christmas holiday decorations.
  • The brightness and color of the LED lights for TV would change simultaneously while the USB input ambient music tempo shifts. Diverse lighting colors and exciting music beats bring you to an entertaining world. While gathering with friends, singing will have an unexpected and stunning effect.
  • Bluetooth App control allows you to control the TV Backlight Anywhere. The timer function on App saves your time to switch on/off the strip light.
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    • 1 year ago

    The tv backlight works as advertised

    It doesn’t happen often enough but when I write a review a company is on top of what they claim they can produce…I am happy to write this review! If you are a tech junky like myself you will certainly appreciate this backlight kit.

    We recently moved into a new house and finally my 65″ is wall mounted….no wires showing except for a tiny fiber cable for the soundbar. Anyway for one reason or another I was reminded about these backlight kits. I figured I would give it a go. Although the price is right I figured it would look cool for a full weekend and that would be a wrap as it would break and so forth. I was wrong.

    Long story short y’all, the pictures that they post are in fact correct. I have attached a few pics using a cellphone. I absolutely love this product and the ease of installing it. I won’t draw this review out but damn. Tech geeks, you know that “damn” comment when you hear it. This product is legit. The remote works perfectly and is small and lightweight.

    I really like this company. Finally something I buy off the description actually works….very well done.

    • 1 year ago

    A Great Investment For All Ages

    This is the best investment ever. I’ve been looking at these for a while and decided to purchase. What a difference they make for the ambiance of the room. We watched Black Panther on it with the purple lights on, and it gave it a totally different vibe. We watch Big Brother in blue, our son watches some of his favorite anime’ in red or with all of the colors fading in and out, news in the early AM whenever it’s still dark gets the teal setting, and whenever the TV is not in use at night we have it set to orange since it’s Fall. These lights do not disappoint. If I could give them 10 stars I would. I plan on ordering more lights for my son’s room. They’ve earned my business for life.

    • 2 years ago

    Amazing looks great

    I just installed this on my TV last night and it has worked great! When first peeling off the paper from the sticky adhesive, it seemed really easy for the sticky adhesive to come up with the paper, leaving no glue on the light strips. You have to be careful when taking off the paper. If you’re doing it right, the paper should come off really easily – sometimes I had to use my nails to help separate them. I found that when I was accidentally starting to take off the adhesive strip along with removing the paper, the paper was harder to pull off, but when I made sure the glue and paper were separated, leaving the adhesive behind, the paper came off easily. Other than that, they’ve worked great! I really like how there’s a dimmer setting on the lights so I can make them brighter or dimmer based on what I want.

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