IP68 Waterproof LED Strip Lights Outdoor 5M/lot

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12v waterproof led strip lights for outdoor use as well as for the home. As 12v led strip light, it is safe for you. And because it is a waterproof product, it will have a longer service life than ordinary led lights when placed outdoors. You can not only install the IP68 waterproof led strip lights outdoors but also install the light strip underwater.

  • The led strip may be soldered by pcs to 5m length. If you mind this, do not place an order.
  • Waterproof IP67 can be used outdoors.
  • Waterproof IP68 can be used outdoors and Underwater.
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    • 1 year ago

    The strip lights are as expected

    This LED strip was just what I needed to brighten up the area inside and under my camper cabinets. I bought the warm white strip and am very pleased. The light strip is covered with a clear silicon rubber that makes the entire string very flexible, durable, and waterproof. Safe places to cut the strip are marked on the strip, making it easy to cut to length. Any length can be cut, as long as you cut where indicated. I cut three lengths to install in/under my cabinets. I cleaned off the clear silicon rubber covering to expose the solder pads with an exacto knife and easily soldered wires to the strip. The power and ground wires can be soldered to any set of pads anywhere along the string and it will power the entire string. Make sure to make the proper pos and neg connections, as LEDs are sensitive to polarity. Polarity is marked on the strip. The adhesive back sticks very well to a smooth surface. Very low current draw. Perfect for my installation. I have plenty left over and am looking for other places to use it!

    • 1 year ago

    Nice lights for outdoor use. Or on a boat

    I bought these strip lights to install on my patio boat bimini top to provide interior lighting at night. I am very pleased with how it came out. The adhesive backing is pretty good, but I know from experience with similar products that you have to install clips every 12″ to 18″ to keep them looking tight and clean. For this installation I’m going to use zip ties though. The cut points are every few inches. I bought two 16′ lights and cut each in half to make 8′ strands for the bimini aluminum cross pieces. For connectors I used interior style connectors and peeled back some of the waterproofing to expose the contacts. The color temperature and brightness are perfect for my application — warm white and not piercingly bright.

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