RGBIC LED Strip Lights 65ft Rainbow LED Color Changing Lights

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Compared with RGB strip lights, RGBIC LED lights present stunning segmented colors on a line and can create more colorful lighting. These rgbic led lights can help you atmosphere to watch a movie or sit and relax. They are perfect for bedroom, living room, upstairs, tv, etc.

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  • The rgbic led strip lights sync with the music, and the lights change color and blink speed with the rhythm and melody. The LED strip lights for room will automatically sync with music. Immerse yourself in the sweet music and color changing LED lights.
  • These rainbow led light strips with 3M adhesive can easily be attached to your cabinets, TV, bedroom, kitchen, porch, game room, living room, etc. (Note: In order not to affect the stickiness, please wipe the surface clean before installing the rgbic led lights strip, and make it clean and dry).
  • The chasing effects of rainbow colors give a great appearance of lights dancing, twinkling and pulsing. These rainbow led light strips allow you to use them in numerous applications throughout your home.
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    • 1 year ago

    The Mitsubishi 73" C9 TV just Got a Whole Lot Better

    These lights are fantastic and my 73″ TV picture is tremendous. Simple packaging and exactly the right length for the Big Mits 🙂 I removed the adhesive tape from the lights and trace it right around the back frame of my TV. It fit perfect and took less then 5 minutes. The backing on the lights is very sticky just make sure you clean the surface of your frame. I plugged my lights into a power strip since I have no USB connection on the TV. Make sure the sensor is accessible from your seating area for the remote. I then settled down on the couch and started learning all the mode’s & speed and the different colors of the lights! It defaults to a green light as shown. I prefer the lighter brownish lights. What is amazing is the picture on the screen is a lot better with the blacks and deeper colors looking brilliant. This is a must for all TV viewers and can also be used as a backdrop of lighting for your home walls when the TV is not in use. A Win Win for a great product.

    • 1 year ago

    Makes tv viewing more enjoyable!

    I bought these led’s for my 55″ television and I love them! The glow of color behind the tv makes it easier on my eyes when the lights are out in the room and it also makes watching a movie more enjoyable. The best tip I can give is to make sure you thoroughly clean the dust from the back of the tv with a microfiber cloth first. I used a wet microfiber cloth with a small amount of rubbing alcohol. This will help ensure the adhesive sticks to the tv without coming off.

    The sensor for the remote is near the top corner of my tv but it cannot be seen when viewing the tv screen. The remote still works fine as long as I point it toward that corner of the television. Make sure you follow the instructions and align the positive and negative pins on the connectors with the connectors on the led’s. I like all of the different options on the remote that lets the colors transition. Very cool, I have had lots of friends comment on how much they like the way it makes the tv viewing experience more enjoyable and cool to look at. My personal favorite color is the green and I find I generally leave it on that color most of the time.

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