How to Connect LED Strip Lights to Power Supply

LED strip lights make your room colorful and are awesome for parties. Great for any age and for any room. There are all the different colors you can choose from. Get them for your rooms easy enough to put up, and you will love them.

If you install a big led strip light project, you must cut led strips and have to buy connectors to connect a small led strip in each room. And you probably feel stressed about what power supply you need for LED strip lights. To do this, I suggest you follow this guide to connect led lights to a power supply.

Calculate LED strip lights wattage

After cutting and connecting multiple led strip lights. You should calculate the overall wattage required to power these LED strip lights. Calculating the total wattage of led strips is easy. Just multiply the led strip length by the wattage per meter of your led strip light.

For instance, if you need to connect the 6m long led strip with a 5W/m power draw, you will need to get a 30w power supply to power these led strip lights. The power draws for each strip light can be gotten on its package.

In addition, you should choose a power supply that is compatible with the voltage of your LED strip light. Otherwise, these led strips might not work. Generally, the working voltage of the led light strip is 12v or 24v.

How do you connect led lights to power supply

Connect led lights to a power supply is easy, and the methods will change depending on the type of power source. For power with a plug-in, you just plug into the 110v socket and attach it to the led strip with included attached plug.

how to connect led strip lights to power supply

For the hardwired power, you need to wiring led strip lights to the power supply. Wiring was easy and straight forward. All you need to do is wire led strip lights to power supply. To get good results, you will need to be able to splice or have some sort of terminal to screw into if it is a bare wire without a connector type.

How to connect multiple led strips to one power source

Invest in an open-frame power supply to connect multiple led strips to one power source. Or purchase a led strip splitter to wire led strip lights to a power supply.

When you hardwire LED strips to power supply, solid connections between all the led strip wires to the output cables on the power source. Wiring all led strip lights to a common positive and negative wire, and then hardwire to the power supply.

Here are some common mistakes that are easy to ignore when hardwire led strip lights:

a) Overloading the circuit

b) Connecting white and black wires together

c) Connecting the black and red wires

d) Connecting wires that carry power with those that don’t

e) Using wires that are too thin


You can connect LED strip lights in series. It will almost reach the entire perimeter of your room and set the mood in any room. If you are a very creative person, you feel like lights help set the tone. Connecting them to another set of lights is easy. Take your time reading the guide. You will be able to connect led strip lights to power supply with ease.

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