What’s the Best Light Color for Sleeping?

The light color in a bedroom will affect our sleep, so selecting the best color light for sleep is important. Especially the color of our bedroom can make the difference between a good sleep or a night spent tossing and turning.

Some colors let us relax, and others cause us to feel alert. So what led light color is best for sleeping, and what color light helps us sleep at night? Keep reading to see what’s the best light color for sleeping.

What led light color is best for sleeping

Darkness is the best setting for sleep, but sometimes we need a nightlight to aid sleep.  Many color psychology experts found that a warm or yellow light color is best for sleeping. We can put red light strips in our bedroom to help us sleep at night.

Studies show that blue light is not good for sleeping. The blue light can do the opposite of promoting healthy sleep and can tell our brains it’s time to wake up.

best led light color for sleep

Best ambient light color for sleep

Amber light

Amber light is a calming light color for better sleep. It helps us feel calmer. Using amber light in our room protects our eyes from harmful blue light. The warm light is an ideal calming light color for sleep, allowing us to fall asleep quickly.

Red light

So far, red light is the best calming light color for sleep. Choosing a red light as a night light ensures that it doesn’t disrupt our circadian rhythm. So changing to the red light a few hours before bed will help us fall asleep more easily. Furthermore, if we wake up at night, the red light will make it easier to fall back asleep than the blue or green light.

red light for sleep

Is pink light good for sleep?

Pink light is a good color for toddlers’ bedrooms. They can add a fairy tale feel to the bedroom, and they’re also calming babies. Pink lighting can spruce up a yoga place or napping space and set a relaxing tone.

Is green light good for sleep?

Green light is a calming light color. That’s why professional gamers use the green light to help them focus. Green light pierces through darkness better than other light colors, which makes it an ideal color light for dark work settings that require energy and attentiveness.

Is blue light good for sleep?

Blue light is a calming color. Blue light is good for certain moods. But, it’s not ideal for sleeping. If you like a galaxy sky, the blue light might put you in the perfect mood.

Is purple light good for sleep?

Purple light is not good for sleep in our bedroom. Bright purple lights have reddish undertones and will keep you alert, but softer purple lights may boost sleepiness. If you want to use purple light in your bedroom, try to install led color changing strip lights, and change it to a more muted tone.


The best led light color good for sleep is amber light and red light as they are warm relaxing colors that help us sleep well at night. We should avoid blue light and bright lights in our bedroom at night. It can prevent insomnia. Use red light and amber light bulbs and strips to create the best atmosphere and light setting before sleep. We’ll be on our way to that important Zzz in no time!

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