How Long Do LED Strip Lights Last

LED strip lights are more and more popular for their longevity. But how long do led strip lights last? This depends on many factors, such as the led lights’ brand, the LEDs’ quality, and how often they are used. But on average, most LED strip lights will last about 50,000 hours, which equals 2083 days. If you light up 8 hours daily, you can use 17 years.

How long can led strip lights last

Over time, led lights slowly and gradually lose their light output until they are considered too dim for use. According to the metrics L70 defined, LED strip lights will stop working when the number of hours it would take for an LED to diminish to only 70% of the original light output.

how long do led ceiling lights last

Factors that determine how long are led lights strips

2. The quality of the LED strip lights

The quality of the led light will determine how long can led strip lights last. Low-quality led strips can stop working much quicker than high-quality ones. Some led lights have a built-in heat sink, which helps extend the lifetime of the strip lights.

3. The install environment of the led lights

The temperature and humidity will also affect how long LED strip lights last. This could reduce its lifetime if installed in a too hot or cold environment.

The ideal temperature for led strip lights is between 20 ℃ – 30 ℃. If you use led light strips for extended periods outside this temperature range, they will stop working over time. Exposing them to high humidity for extended periods can also reduce the lifespan of LED strip lights.

In addition, to keep led light strips last long, you can install them in a led strip aluminum shell. The shell can prevent moisture or dirt damage the led lights.

4. How often usage

How often usage will also determine how long led strip lights last. If it’s used frequently, they will likely have a shorter lifetime than if it’s used infrequently. The led lights will last longer if you use them only for ambiance. But using the led strip lights as task lighting may shorten their lifetime.

For example, lighting up the led strip lights for 12 hours per day would have an estimated lifespan of about 50,000 hours, but if turned on 24 hours daily, they only last about 25,000 hours.

5. Quality of the power supply

Ensure to use a quality-assured power supply. A cheap, low-end power supply may output an unstable voltage that may be higher than the working voltage of the LED strips, causing the strip lights burn out.

You should ensure that the power of the led lights does not exceed the rated maximum capacity of the power supply. To ensure that the voltage can work more stably for a longer time, the power of the light strip cannot exceed 80% of the rated maximum capacity of the power supply.

6. Flexible Printed Circuit Board (FPCB)

High-quality FPCBs can ensure the smooth passage of large currents, reduce heat generation, and help heat dissipate faster. Heat affects LED life shortening, so we need to find ways to dissipate it. By attaching LED strips to aluminum profiles, we can dissipate as much heat as possible and lower the operating temperature.

7. The type of led strip light

Another factor that determines how long led strip light last is the type of led strip.

Single color led strip lights

Single color led lights are the simplest type. They only emit red, green, or blue colors. These led lights usually have a lifespan of about 50,000 hours.

single color led strip lights

RGB led strip lights

rgb led strip lighs

Why did my LED strip lights suddenly stop working?

Many factors will lead to your led strip lights stop working. The led lights may have a loose connection or be overloaded. One of the damaged strip lights can cause led lights not to light up at all, to light up only in some parts, or display the wrong color.

Do led light strips burn out?

Unlike ordinary incandescent lamps, LED lights fade over time but generally do not burn out. However, if you install a low-quality light and expose it to high temperatures, it may break and lose brightness.


The lifetime of LED strip lights can reach around 50,000 hours. But, the actual lifespan depends on the quality level of lights and how often they are used. The quality of raw materials such as LEDs and FPCBs will shorten the lifespan of the LED strip lights.

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