How to Hang LED Strip Lights in Bedroom

Hang LED led strip lights in a bedroom, and you will get a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Install LED strip lights on shelves and counters will help to create ambiance and draw attention to areas of the products that you want people to pay attention to. Here we show you the best way to hang led strip lights. Thus you can get the best appearance results that you want.

For the “peel and stick” way with the 3M adhesive tape, you need to clear any dust before stick strip lights on the wall. Then tear off the adhesive and carefully stick led strips on the wall. And only press down where there are no LEDs to avoid damaging the lights.

For the mounting clips, prepare to drill by measuring and marking where you want to drill. Then drill the holes, position the mounting clips, and hang the led strips. Mounting clips will hold the led strips firmly.

After you install the led strips, plug in the power supply to the electrical outlet, and finish the installation process. Now, you can start using the LED strips.

One thing that worries most people is how to hang led strip lights without damaging the wall. Please keep reading this guide to learn the best way to hang led strip lights in a room!

How to hang led strip lights without damaging wall

We’ve discussed the brief installation process of led strips. Now, continue to learn how to install led strip lights step by step. Following these steps, you can hang led strip lights without damaging wall.

Step 1: Measure the length where you will install

Before installing led strips, measure the length of the areas you want to install. Otherwise, you will have some led strips excess hanging around or too little to cover the wall. And once you have cut led strip lights, there is no going back.

how to hang led strip lights

Step 2: Cut the led strip lights

Cut the led strips according to the needed length measured before. On the led strip lights marked cutting lines, the led lights are often designed to be cuttable in every three or six LEDs. Cut along the middle of those cutting lines on led strips to ensure both cutting ends of the strip light have enough size of copper pads.

how to cut led strip lights

Step 3: Clean and dry the surface

To keep led strips installed for a long time, clean the surface with a cloth or sponge. If the surface of the areas you will be installing has some dust or dirt around, it will stick to the adhesive that comes with the strip lights, and the adhesive will not fully work, installed led lights to fall off quickly.  

Step 4: Stick led strip lights on wall

Now, you have cut led strip lights, and you only need to peel off the films of the adhesive on the lights and stick them to the walls. Apply pressure on each led strip section to ensure that it has firmly adhered to the wall. But please do not apply too much pressure so as not to damage the LEDs.

Step 5: Connect led strip lights to power supply and turn it on

How to hang led strip lights on wall without adhesive

If you want to avoid adhesive, there are many methods to hang the led strips on a bedroom’s wall. Here are the methods:

1. Using the mounting clips.

These clips are designed specifically for installing strip lights. These small mounting clips allow you to screw them into surfaces with a screw and hook over the LED strip to keep it in place. They can prevent led strips from falling in the future.

2. Using the cable ties

You can install the LED strip lights on walls with cable ties and then hang them. To avoid obstructing the light output of the LEDs on strip lights, use transparent relationships and avoid the areas of the LEDs.

3. Using the mounting putty

Using mounting putty to stick led strip lights on wall without damaging paint is the best way. Mounting Putty is a removable adhesive, reusable that can be used in the room to replace tape and magnets. There will be no more holes in the walls or peeling, chipped paint.


LED strip lights are common with 3M adhesive tape. All you have to do is tear off the films on the tape and stick them down on the wall. However, some surfaces are more challenging to adhere to, so you can install led lights with extra double-sided tape for led strips or strip light mounting clips.

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